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Where to stay?

There are hotels in Tana, Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Vadsø and Vardø. Other accommodation (camping, cabins etc.) is also available in some places. Please notice that some smaller hostels and camping areas may be closed outside the main tourist season (June-August). For further information contact the local tourist information.


The best place to stay in the Pasvik Valley is Bioforsk Svanhovd (formerly Svanhovd Environmental Centre). This place is perfectly located at Svanvik, near the Russian border and the Pasvik River, and offer inexpensive single and double rooms with shower and WC. There are possibilities for good birding at the nearby Lake Salmijärvi.


Some hotels and other accomodation:


- Bioforsk Svanhovd, Svanvik


- Øvre Pasvik camping, Vaggatem

- Kirkenes camping, Kirkenes

- Rica Arctic Hotel, Kirkenes

- Rica Hotel Kirkenes, Kirkenes

- Rica Hotel Vadsø, Vadsø

- Nobile Hotell, Vadsø

- Ekkerøy Feriehus, Ekkerøy

- Vardø Hotel AS, Vardø

- Hamningberg Handel, Hamningberg

- Berlevåg Pensjonat & Camping, Berlevåg

- Euro Polar Hotell, Båtsfjord