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How to get there?

The Varanger Peninsula is easily accessible by car from Tromsø and Kirkenes (E6), or Rovaniemi  and Ivalo (E75). The small roads to Hamningberg and Syltefjord are closed in winter, and the roads Kiberg-Vardø, Tana-Berlevåg and Tana-Båtsfjord may be temporarily closed during bad weather in the winter season. For further details contact Statens vegvesen, phone 175 or (+47) 815 48 991 (from abroad).


The regional airport for the Varanger area is Kirkenes airport with daily direct flights to Oslo and Tromsø. There are smaller airports in Vardø, Vadsø, Båtsfjord and Berlevåg, with connections to Kirkenes and/or Tromsø. These towns also have daily calls by “Hurtigruten” (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage) from both Kirkenes and Tromsø.


The Pasvik Valley is accessible by car from Kirkenes (road 885). Please notice that most of the gravel forestry tracks in Øvre Pasvik are open for driving only during the short summer months. If you are arriving from northern Finland follow the road 971 from Kaamanen to Näätamö/Neiden and then E6 eastwards to Kirkenes.


Some distances:


Varangerbotn - Vardø                   124 km

Varangerbotn - Vadsø                   48 km

Kirkenes - Varangerbotn               131 km

Kirkenes - Ivalo                           233 km

Kirkenes - Svanvik                       42 km

Kirkenes - Vaggatem                    89 km

Kirkenes - Murmansk                    243 km